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"Trip The Light Fantastic" - 9X18 and Finding Meaning in a Story


As we all very well know, within the Supernatural world, every single line of dialogue is important and subject to interpretation. Meta Fiction was a veritable minefield of structured meaning in everything from text to subtext. Thousands of us will meta on the subject of just this one…

livinginthequestion asked: Re the Dean/Gadreel thing: to me Dean definitely looks in shock, for a variety of reasons but most strongly because he realizes he came very close to beating Gadreel to death, and there's a part of him that's horrified at what he's become. I can imagine him flashing back to that scene from Season 3 Dream a Little Dream - confronting his demon self, knowing he very much DOES NOT want to become that. And here he is, turning into a monster. Very powerful scene. *shudder*


SO MUCH in that scene, seriously!

Yes, this too. Very true. That would explain some of why he sounds DEFENSIVE with Sam - insisting he was only trying to get Gadreel to talk, but he wouldn’t, hence why they have both ended up so bloody on the floor. Just trying to make him talk. It’s not that he’s turning into a monster/demon, it’s not it’s not it’s not…


Oh Dean…


I finished my Dean Winchester drawing.


I finished my Dean Winchester drawing.


"You and I are very much alike"

Title: “Dean Winchester and blade *fear is fire*

Created by: FooFighterkaSPN

A thought on 9.18


The interconnecting of these scenes didn’t make sense to me while I was watching the show… Perhaps building up tension? Maybe Dean will kill Gadreel? But then Cas would die and that really isn’t a possibility at this point.

So I watched it again.



"You have something of mine, and I have…

A Discussion of 9x18 Meta Fiction and a Theory to End All Theories


I spent more time than I probably should have today creating an outline for a meta on narrative structure and character functions in a story. Then, I decided to watch 9x18 again because why wouldn’t I? I sit here now, after flipping every table I own, ready to write a…

Interesting theory..i am not saying i agree totally but its really interesting :O


the saddest thing about dean saying the mark of cain is a “means to an end” is that he knows, and we all know, that he means himself. he thinks he is a means to an end, a disposable tool whose only purpose is to serve a duty and then be discarded. he thinks he is expendable and without worth, and we all know that is the furthest thing from the truth.


I’m fine.


I’m fine.