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Limited Options- A Supernatural S9 Fan Fiction


Set during and after SPN 9x18: Metafiction.

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um if the mark of cain continues to make Dean into an undeniably sexy killing machine it’s gonna take a while for me to speak up against it


Mark me down as scared and horny


"wow uhh dean it kinda uuhh looked like you enjoyed killing that vamp a little too much huh"

no shit sam where have you been for the past 10 episodes?


Um guys.. Dean just overpowered a vampire…. they are suppose to be fast and strong..
Mark of Cain?
Think about it.. Dean was losing and the knife was close to slicing him but he was able to push back and flip the table with the vamp.. did you see the look on the vamps face? He was totally taken by surprise at first. Not to mention Dean was able to twist the blade around in the the Vamps hand..


dean wanted to like watch the light go out of his eyes
that is pretty dark
and hot as fuck


dark!dean is literally the reason this gif exists



Season 9 | 9x19 - Alex Annie Alexis Ann

Dean calling the vampire 'Bitch' as he killed him was very unsettling, specifically because he called him 'Bitch'.


That was completely the intention because not only is it showing how unhinged Dean is becoming because of The Mark of Cain, but also because it was foreshadowing something much darker: The Mark of Cain causing Dean to turn on Sam. Maybe not Dean actually killing Sam (because that won’t happen),…


Mark of Dean